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Axiom 360 team members will explain the pros and cons of solar, backup batteries, zero down financing, and benefits of buying solar panels in California. A team member will help you understand how the solar tax credit works, calculate the payback of your solar project, determine the ROI of a solar project, and let you answer the question – “Are solar panels worth it?” ask yourself.. *Hint: In most cases homeowners save $30,000-$100,000 by making the switch to solar, and see massive savings year one.
With over two decades of experience in the solar industry, the Axiom 360 team has experience helping you answer the most important questions – “What size solar system is best for my house?” An Axiom 360 solar expert will work with you to dial in your ideal system based on your property size, usage history and plans for the property.
In our experience, we have found many property owners have a vision for their property. People often come to us with an idea of where they want their solar system installed – whether it is a roof mounted solar system, ground mount solar system or a solar carport. We are glad to work with you to dial in your ideal project and perform a LIDAR-calculated analysis of your estimated production, energy offset of your solar system, and our favorite part, your numbers!
We do provide no money down solar financing options, which have maximum year one savings. By taking advantage of the low solar financing rates you will be able to switch to a lower payment while maximizing your savings year one by taking advantage of the significant solar tax credits.
If your solar panel system is grid-tied it will shut off in the event of a power outage. The system is shut off in order to prevent utility repair-people and emergency responders from getting electrocuted by your panels sending energy back into the grid. Our team planned ahead and we offer backup power options, such as generators or a backup battery designed to keep your property running in the case of a blackout.
The federal tax credit for solar is 30%. This means that 30% of your total system cost is eligible to be deducted from your federal taxes in year one. If you cannot take advantage of the federal tax credit in year one, you will be able to roll over the solar tax credit into the next year.
With accelerated depreciation, businesses write off the value of their solar system using the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS), which reduces businesses’ tax burden. Solar energy equipment has a cost recovery period of 5 years. There is also a federal bonus depreciation allowing you to take additional depreciation in year 1, accelerating the return on investment you’ll see from solar and decreasing your payback period even further. Our team at Axiom 360 has experience sizing, financing and installing a variety of commercial solar{links to Commercial Solar page} projects – with our experience, unique financing options, and diligent project management team we are proud to be the best commercial solar company in the Central Coast.

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