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  1. In 2022 homeowners are being incentivized to go green and install solar with a 26% federal tax credit. In most cases, this means that 26% of your total system cost will be a recuperated expense. 

When using $0 down financing, many homeowners are eligible to receive thousands of dollars in tax credits while spending less than ever on their monthly electricity bills. 

  1. California customers pay over 30 per kWh, the highest rates in the entire nation. Considering inflation, utility lawsuits, and potential charges for the use of non-renewable energy (California Green New Deal) these rates will only continue to increase.

Home Solar protects homeowners from rate increases and oftentimes provides a 40-95% reduction in your monthly electric costs, depending on which program you choose. 

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So you own your home. Why are you still renting your electricity? Zillow did a study from X to Y showing homes with solar increase property value 4.1% While this is a variable increase, it makes sense that a physical asset producing a tangible dollar amount of electricity would provide value to any potential buyer when you go to sell your property. Especially when this is a product that pays for itself 3 to sometimes over 6 times over in its period of warranty. 

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